Sometimes surgery is needed to repair an injury or overcome a serious illness. Although surgery generally makes a person better, no one looks forward to going under the knife. Due to risks associated with anesthesia, many people are worried about being put in a semiconscious or unconscious state during an operation.

Unfortunately, it is true that one of the biggest risks patients face during surgery is going under anesthesia. A delicate mix of drugs administered by an anesthesiologist allows the spine and brain to not feel pain, move, or remember the trauma of surgery. However, when something goes wrong and an anesthesia error is made, patients in Kentucky may suffer kidney failure and other serious injuries.

If an anesthesiologist failed to monitor the functions of your body’s organs during surgery and you suffered any type of injury, you may be entitled to compensation under a medical malpractice lawsuit. Find out about pursuing a claim against the negligent anesthesiologist by calling the Law Office of Gray and White in Louisville at 888.450.4456 for a free consultation, or contacting us online at

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