Expectant mothers spend nine months following doctors’ orders and doing everything they can to keep their unborn babies healthy. They eagerly await the birth of their children; however, for some parents, the joyous day turns somber following a Louisville birth injury.

Even though a mother could have done everything right during her pregnancy, her baby could have suffered a birth injury. Sadly, things go wrong during labor and delivery when medical professionals make critical errors and doctors are negligent. Although a Kentucky birth injury lawsuit will not turn back the hands of time or take away a child’s injury, it is a parent’s only defense against those who caused harm to their newborn. Unfortunately, birth injuries can forever change the life of a child and family, which is why affected families should receive adequate compensation to ensure their child receives proper medical treatment and care.

Unfortunately, insurance companies make it difficult for innocent children and families to collect the compensation they deserve. If your baby suffered a birth injury in Louisville, you will need help standing up to the insurance company. Contact the experienced Kentucky birth injury attorneys at Gray and White at 888.450.4456 for a free consultation or online at

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