February 2013

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When I left my Louisville pharmacy after refilling a prescription, I checked the medication. It looked different than last month’s pills, so I went back and asked the pharmacist about it. The name of the pill I received is similar to the one I have been taking, but it is used to treat a completely different condition. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but I feel as though I have an obligation to report this event so that other people aren’t harmed by the same mistake. What should I do?

You’re right: you really must report the error. If it happened to you, it may happen to someone else, and he or she might not catch the error in time to prevent serious health consequences. Here is what to do: Go online to the Institute…

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How to Keep Kentucky Nursing Home Residents From Hurting Each Other

Although we generally think of Kentucky nursing home abuse as an abuse of a resident by a caregiver, residents often abuse each other. How can this be prevented? Each resident’s door can be kept locked from the inside. Given that perhaps 80 to 90 percent…

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My niece in Louisville suffered an anoxic brain injury during back surgery. She was in pretty bad shape right after the surgery, but I’ve seen some progress in the three weeks since. If she doesn’t recover completely, should my brother get a lawyer?

It wouldn’t hurt to talk to a lawyer. You have no obligation to hire the one you speak with, and often the initial consultation is free. Anoxic brain injuries can be mild to severe, causing varying degrees of problems with memory, behavior, and cognition. For…

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I visited my mom in her Louisville nursing home yesterday, and while I was there, one of the male residents wandered into her room. When he saw that I was there, he turned around and left. My mom said that he walks into her room often and makes suggestive remarks, and when she tells him to get out, he refuses. He only leaves when she presses the call button. The staff do not believe her when she describes what is happening; the man is apparently quite charming, and they like him. What can we do?

If your mother is getting no satisfaction from talking with the staff, ask to speak to the nursing home manager. This is the type of situation managers do not want occurring in their facility, and he or she will probably take your mother’s complaints seriously….

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My dad recently went into a nursing home here in Louisville. From what I’ve seen and from what he’s told me, he’s not getting any exercise there. I worry that he will develop contractures and other problems associated with lack of movement. What should I do?

You’re right to be concerned. My guess is that the nursing home, like most, is understaffed. I’m not making excuses for them; they probably are so overworked that they don’t even realize what’s falling by the wayside. Do them and your dad a favor and…

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I’m in my fourth month of pregnancy—can I have a glass of wine or not? First I see that “experts say” to drink no alcohol during pregnancy, then I see that other experts say it’s OK to have a glass of wine once in a while, then I see that a daily glass of wine is fine. Help!

I understand your frustration. There is definitely disagreement among “experts.” In a recent study of 1,600 Danish children at age five—whose mothers drank either a small amount of alcohol daily or drank five or more drinks early in pregnancy—the children of drinking moms performed just…

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