April 2013

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I am outraged! My son was injured at his government job in Kentucky and eventually died of his injuries. He had astronomical medical bills, and he reached the cap on his insurance benefits. I think the government has an obligation to pay for whatever insurance won’t pay, but it looks as if they don’t have to under the U.S. Constitution’s “sovereign immunity” rule. Is the government really above its own laws?!

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. It’s true that our Constitution upholds sovereign immunity, which basically prevents victims from bringing a lawsuit against the government or its employees unless the government consents—but it’s really not all black and white. Sovereign immunity has its…

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My daughter just signed up for the girls’ baseball team at her Louisville school. I’m concerned about the ball or a bat hitting her in the head and causing a brain injury. If she does get injured, how will we know whether or not she has a concussion?

You’re right to be concerned, but I guess we can’t protect our kids from every possible injury; they have to live. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has the following recommendations regarding concussion. If you or the coaches observe any of the following…

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If You May Be Having a Stroke, Get Thee to a Kentucky Hospital Pronto!

As time goes on, we tend to disregard some of the aches and pains that we assume come with the territory of aging. In some cases, though, the best thing you can do is take symptoms seriously and get to a Kentucky hospital as soon…

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How Did Our Grandparents Survive, Kentucky?

As I unfold my ladder, which has safety warnings at each joint, I wonder how anyone managed to live to a ripe old age 100 years ago. Kids did dangerous things back then, like riding their bikes without helmets. Toddlers did not choke on small…

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My neighbor’s baby daughter became trapped between her crib mattress and the crib side rails. Fortunately, she is my neighbor’s first child, so her mother heard her cries and was there in a flash to free her. Even though her daughter was not injured, my neighbor wants to make sure that other parents who own this crib are aware of the potential for harm. What should she do?

Everyone should be so responsible. There is a website, www.recalls.gov, where consumers can find out about products that have been recalled, report dangerous products, and learn safety tips. This “one stop shop for U.S. Government recalls” is a joint project of six federal agencies: Safercar.gov…

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My uncle is in a Kentucky nursing home. How can I tell if he is being physically abused?

There are a number of clues, including the following: bruises, welts, or scars—particularly if they are symmetrical on both sides of the body—that cannot be explained; broken bones, sprains, or dislocations; unexplained hair loss; prescription bottles containing obviously more or less than they should; broken…

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