Medical Malpractice

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Diagnostic Tests Increase Risk of Med Mal Lawsuit

According to Renal & Urology News, doctors who order diagnostic tests have an increased risk of facing a medical malpractice lawsuit. A recent study finds that between 1996 and 2003, payments for malpractice suits stemming from diagnostic errors had increased by 40%. These aren’t caused…

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Norton Audubon Hospital

The Courier-Journal reports that a wrongful death lawsuit is being filed against Norton Audubon Hospital in Louisville, Ky. The Kentucky wrongful death claim is in connection with the death of the host of a morning radio show. Francene Cucinello, 43, died on Jan. 15, 2010,…

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Radiation Overdose Problem, New Law Passed

In response to over 250 cases of radiation overdose, or accidental overexposures, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill Wednesday, September 29, 2010. The events were publicized in a New York Times investigative report series looking at overexposure…

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Preventable Injury and Medical Malpractice Claim Costs

Medical malpractice claims are costly, according to a 2008 Health Affairs study which shows that nearly $54.4 billion is spent every year for such claims.  In a 2009 study published by Hearst Newspapers, it was estimated that every year in the United States, approximately 200,000…

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Health Insurance Plan to Pay Co-Pay & Restricts Abuse

We are pleased to report the following important update & information regarding major changes in our nation’s health insurance industry and patient-consumer rights.  September 23, 2010 represents a new and significant day for American consumers in our health care system.  Under the new law, the…

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Victim of Hospital’s Failure Hawaii Medical Malpractice Suit

From the Honolulu Star Bulletin: “A 45-year-old rancher won $6 million this week in a medical malpractice lawsuit against a Wahiawa physician. In an Oahu Circuit Court judgment filed Monday, Antonio Richardson won $4.1 million in special damages and $2 million in general damages against…

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