Three Reasons to Pursue a Chemotherapy Overdose Case

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medical malpractice lawsuit gavel clipboard stethoscopeSo much has changed in such a short amount of time. You or your loved one was getting cancer treatment and dealing with all of the health problems caused by the treatment, and then things suddenly and drastically got worse. You or your loved one received too much chemotherapy, and you were forced to deal with your own medical emergency or the death of your loved one.

It may be overwhelming to think about adding one more thing to your life now, but pursuing a chemotherapy overdose lawsuit may be one of the most important things you do.

Possible Outcomes for a Chemo Overdose Malpractice Claim

Before you decide whether or not to file a chemotherapy overdose claim in Kentucky, you need to know about the possible outcomes of your case. If your case is successful, you may:

  • Make a financial recovery. If you convince the court that the chemotherapy overdose happened because of a doctor’s, nurse’s, or pharmacist’s negligence, you may recover damages for your past and future medical costs, lost income, pain, suffering, and other losses that are caused by your chemo overdose.
  • Force a change in policy or procedure. Often, a medical negligence case will result in a change in policies or procedures that helps catch future mistakes before they happen and, therefore, protects other patients.
  • Hold the right people accountable for the overdose. A chemo overdose lawsuit can also protect other patients by holding the person who caused your injury accountable for his or her negligence.

Pursue a Chemo Overdose Lawsuit Risk-Free

The chemotherapy overdose attorneys at Gray and White Law always offer free initial consultations, and you only pay if your case is successful. If you don’t recover damages for your chemo overdose injuries, we are not paid.

To learn more about why a chemotherapy overdose case might be important for you and how we may help you, please start a live chat with us or call us any time. We are here for you 24/7/365.