What You Risk If You Fail to File a Kentucky Wrongful Death Case

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There is one thing that you keep coming back to when you consider whether to file a Kentucky wrongful death case. You keep remembering that even if your case is ultimately successful, you will not achieve your goal. Your loved one is not coming back to you and for that reason you can’t imagine going through with a medical malpractice case. However, before you make that decision, we urge you to consider what you risk by failing to file a case and to talk to a Lexington wrongful death lawyer about your legal options.

3 Things You Risk If You Don’t File a Kentucky Wrongful Death Case

If medical malpractice has taken the life of your loved one and you don’t file a wrongful death case then:

  1. You may be stuck with the bills – Any outstanding medical bills and funeral costs may be your responsibility.
  2. Your standard of living may change – Without your loved one’s income you may no longer be able to afford your home and the lifestyle that you had prior to your loved one’s death.
  3. You may never see justice done – We understand that true justice may never be achieved because of the high price you have paid. However, you may benefit from seeing those who caused your loved one’s death held accountable.

You may also face other risks that your lawyer can explain to you.

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