Birth Injuries

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Can Umbilical Cord Problems Cause Cerebral Palsy?

The umbilical cord provides oxygen and nutrients to the baby. However, umbilical cord problems in utero could deprive the baby of these necessary materials, and deprivation of oxygen could cause cerebral palsy. Potential Umbilical Cord Problems in Utero The potential umbilical cord problems in Utero that may…

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My child is still so young. How can I be sure a birth injury recovery is fair and will compensate him for future needs?

You ask an important question because your child’s medical negligence settlement or court verdict will be all the money you will get for both past and future damages related to the birth injury. That means that even if your child’s case settles while he is…

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My child suffered a birth injury and is dependent on me. What will happen to my child when I die?

Many parents are worried about what will happen to their children when they are no longer here to care for them. That worry is even more intense when your child has special needs and will need a lifetime of care. Peace of mind is important,…

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What does it take to win a Kentucky medical malpractice claim for a birth injury?

Not every birth injury lawsuit is successful. In fact, it can be very difficult to prove that a doctor or hospital caused your baby’s injuries. Generally, a strong birth injury case requires three important elements: a cause of action, evidence supporting the cause, and a…

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I’m traumatized by my baby’s birth injury. If I file a claim will I have to testify in court?

Not all parents end up testifying in birth injury cases, but some parents do. Whether you will have to testify depends on many different factors, which will be reviewed below. Before we get to this discussion, however, it is important to know that we understand…

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What is an obstetrician’s standard of care?

All doctors, including obstetricians, owe their patients a duty of care. Generally, this means that a doctor must act with reasonable care when diagnosing, treating, and advising a patient. If the doctor fails to provide reasonable care and the patient is hurt, then the doctor…

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