Birth Injuries

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How much will it cost me to file a birth injury case?

Every case is unique and it is impossible to give you a specific number without knowing the details of your case. However, what we can tell you is that you do not need to worry about the financial costs of pursuing a birth injury case…

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What kinds of damages can my child recover after suffering a brain bleed at birth?

If your baby suffered a brain bleed due to medical negligence, your baby suffered a birth injury. Obviously, your child is too young to take legal action against the doctor, nurse, or hospital that caused his injury. Instead, as your child’s parent or guardian, it…

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How should I choose a birth injury lawyer?

Your child has suffered a birth injury due to a medical provider’s or hospital’s negligence, and now you have an important decision to make. As your child’s parent or legal guardian, you have to decide which birth injury lawyer you are going to hire to…

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How does the settlement process work if my child was injured at birth?

Your child has been hurt by the negligence of a doctor, a nurse, or a hospital. There is no doubt in your mind about the cause of your child’s injuries or about the extent of your child’s injuries. Your child—and your whole family—have suffered enough…

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Is infant dystonia disorder a birth injury?

Some children who are diagnosed with infant dystonia disorder have suffered a birth injury. To know for sure, it’s important to understand the condition and determine what may have caused it.  Infant dystonia disorder is a neurological condition with a variety of known causes. Those…

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My infant suffered from meningitis. Is that a birth injury? Can my child make a legal recovery?

It depends on how your child contracted meningitis. If your child has developed meningitis because a doctor, nurse, or hospital was negligent, then your child may have suffered a birth injury and may be able to make a legal recovery. Meningitis Is a Dangerous Condition…

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