July 2018

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What can my child recover for her pain and suffering after a daycare injury?

If you can prove that the daycare provider’s negligence or intentional abuse caused your child’s injuries, your child should be compensated for his or her suffering. That should include compensation for her tangible, or easily calculable, losses such as medical expenses. It should also include…

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Preventing Nap Time Injuries in Kentucky Daycare Centers

Nap time is not time off for daycare providers. Instead, it is an important part of your child’s day during which your child should be supervised and daycare providers should comply with all relevant safety regulations. Otherwise, your child could be harmed due to issues…

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Has Your Child Suffered Sexual Abuse in a Kentucky Daycare?

The abuse your child suffered was not an accident. Someone who was supposed to be protecting and caring for your child daycare instead violated your trust. Your child has been left with psychological and physical injuries and you have many questions about how this horrific…

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My loved one was hurt by nursing home abuse. If she files a lawsuit, will she have to testify in court?

We understand why you are asking this question. Your loved one has been put through enough stress and suffering during a time in her life when she should be living comfortably. Even though filing a nursing home abuse lawsuit is important and she deserves a…

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The Risks of a Nursing Home Wrongful Discharge

Your loved one is in a nursing home because she needs assistance. Since her admittance, the nursing home has been providing her with daily personal and nursing care. You trusted that the nursing home would continue to provide that care, but what happens if instead…

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How should I choose a birth injury lawyer?

Your child has suffered a birth injury due to a medical provider’s or hospital’s negligence, and now you have an important decision to make. As your child’s parent or legal guardian, you have to decide which birth injury lawyer you are going to hire to…

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