Has Your Child Suffered Sexual Abuse in a Kentucky Daycare?

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The abuse your child suffered was not an accident. Someone who was supposed to be protecting and caring for your child daycare instead violated your trust. Your child has been left with psychological and physical injuries and you have many questions about how this horrific and intentional abuse could have happened and what you can do now to help your child.

Our Kentucky daycare abuse attorneys want to answer your questions. Sexual abuse of children should never happen. We are committed to holding abusers accountable and to helping children recover for the injuries they suffer.

How Are Children Sexually Abused in Daycare Settings?

A sexual act with a child is the most obvious form of sexual abuse, but it is not the only way predators abuse children. A child may also be the victim of sexual abuse if a daycare worker, provider, or visitor exposes himself or performs a sexual act in the presence of a child or exposes a child to sexual videos, games, or images. It can also include other vulgar behavior. Abuse may happen during diaper changes, when an adult accompanies a child to the bathroom, during naptime, or in any situation when the child is separated from others.

Signs Your Child May Have Been Sexually Abused

Very young children do not yet have the language skills to tell you that they have been sexually abused. Preschool age children may have the language skills but may be too traumatized or embarrassed to tell you what happened. Accordingly, with all daycare children, it is important to recognize potential signs that sexual abuse has occurred. These signs include:

  • Blood, bruising, cuts, pain, or itching in private areas
  • Sleep problems such as night terrors or nightmares
  • Tantrums
  • Fear or uncharacteristic withdrawal from others
  • A sudden interest in sex or genitalia
  • A strong aversion to attending daycare
  • Problems sitting or walking

If you notice any of these signs in your child, it is important to take your child to the doctor as soon as possible and to consider all of the potential causes of these problems—including sexual abuse.

It’s Not Just the Abuser Who May Be Liable for Your Child’s Injuries

You are not responsible for your child’s injuries. You left your child in the care of a Kentucky daycare and you had every right to expect that your child would be safe. Your child’s sexual abuse is not your fault.

Instead, the abuse and resulting injuries are the fault of the person who abused your child. Additionally, the daycare may be legally responsible for your child’s injuries if the daycare was negligent in hiring the abuser, allowing the abuser into the facility, supervising the abuser, or reporting the abuse to the state.

How You Can Help Your Child Recover From Sexual Abuse Injuries

The Commonwealth of Kentucky may pursue criminal charges against the person who sexually abused your child. Those charges could result in jail time, fines, and other criminal penalties. However, they will not result in financial damages for your child’s injuries.

In order to get a financial recovery that includes compensation for your child’s past, current, and future healthcare needs, psychological counseling, emotional pain, physical suffering, and other damages, you will need to pursue a civil personal injury lawsuit. You don’t have to do it alone, however. Our lawyers want to see justice done and we want your child to get the recovery he or she deserves.

Please call us any time–24/7/365—to schedule a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation. If you decide to hire us and we pursue a claim on your child’s behalf, you will not have to pay us any upfront legal fees. Instead, we will only be paid if your child’s claim is successful and your child gets a recovery from the abuser or daycare center that caused or allowed the sexual abuse to occur.

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