Even If You Obey Kentucky Motorcycle Helmet Laws, You Could Still Hurt Your Case

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Many motorcycle riders love to experience the freedom of the open road. The fact that they are not limited by enclosures of any sort is very appealing. That’s one of the reasons why motorcycle helmet laws are so often met with rebellion on the part of riders. 

Each state looks at headgear in different ways, partly because of the reaction from motorcycle enthusiasts. It could be said that this state is akin to a happy medium, taking bits and pieces of motorcycle helmet laws from other regions to form its own set of regulations.

Riders must wear protective headgear if they fall into any of the following 3 categories: 

  • under the age of 21 and either operating a motorcycle or a passenger on a motorcycle or in a sidecar attachment;
  • possess an instruction permit and are operating a motorcycle; and
  • have a valid motorcycle license or a combination motor vehicle/motorcycle license for less than 1 year and are operating a motorcycle. 

Unlike other states, Kentucky allows mature and experienced motorcyclists to ride without wearing a helmet. But if you’re in a motorcycle accident, you might be at a disadvantage when it comes to compensation for your personal injuries.

The insurance company involved in your claim could argue that you contributed to your own injuries by refusing to wear protective headgear. This means you might be held at least partially responsible for the damages in the motorcycle accident.  Protect yourself by wearing safety gear and consulting with a Kentucky motorcycle accident lawyer after an accident.

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