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Knowing These Symptoms Can Help You Avoid Misdiagnosed Lupus in Kentucky

Related Links: How to Know if Medical Malpractice Caused a Kentucky Wrongful Death Electronic Health Records & Kentucky Medical Malpractice In many medical misdiagnosis cases, patients will often suffer for year before finding out they have a life-threatening condition. But in the case of misdiagnosed…

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Patients Suffer Delayed Treatment and Death from Misdiagnosed Conditions in KY

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What to Expect During the Discovery Stage of a Kentucky Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Case

Related Links: What You Need to Know to File a Kentucky Wrongful Death Case After Medical Malpractice Why Do Details of My Grief Matter If I Am Going to File a Kentucky Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Case? You spend every day missing your loved one….

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A Cancer Misdiagnosis in Louisville Can Cause Delayed Treatment or Death

Related Links: Doctors and Patients Both Frustrated by Kentucky Cancer Misdiagnoses Will This Misdiagnosis Have an Effect on My Treatment? You were so relieved to have a clean bill of health after your cancer screening. You know how important early treatment can be, so it…

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Indigestion is Often at the Heart of Misdiagnosed Heart Attacks in Louisville

Related Links: Are You Suffering Anxiety, or a Misdiagnosed Heart Attack? I Was Having Shortness of Breath and Chest Pain, a Louisville Doctor Diagnosed Me With Anxiety If you were recently in the ER after a bout of nausea and shortness of breath, your doctor…

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Is Your Child in a Coma After a Case of Misdiagnosed Diabetes in Kentucky?

When most people hear of a misdiagnosed condition, they think of cancer or heart attacks–something that could easily cause death through negligence. The truth is, a misdiagnosis of diabetes is just as common and even more likely to cause death in young patients.   The…

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