Medical Malpractice

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When a Hospital’s Delay in Treatment Causes Your Injury

You are at the hospital because you need prompt care for your illness or injury. Without the right medical attention, your condition might worsen, and you might experience unnecessary pain. It would be impossible to provide every patient with immediate medical attention, even in a…

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Delayed Treatment in Kentucky Emergency Rooms

You needed immediate medical treatment for your heart attack, stroke, brain aneurysm, or another medical emergency. That’s why you went to the emergency room rather than making an appointment with your doctor. Kentucky Emergency Room Wait Times On average, patients in Kentucky wait anywhere from…

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When Emergency Room Mistakes Become Medical Malpractice

Emergency room doctors and nurses work in high-pressure and often chaotic circumstances. They must act quickly to determine the nature of an individual patient’s emergency and to provide appropriate medical care. It is easier for medical mistakes to happen in this type of environment than…

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When Is a Medication Error Considered Medical Malpractice?

Healthcare professionals are—or should be—aware of the risks involved when it comes to medication errors, and they should be well versed in how to prevent them. A medication error can result in irreversible damage, pain, and even death in some circumstances. It is the responsibility…

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What Happens When a Kentucky Doctor Makes a Wrong Diagnosis?

The failure to diagnose any disease or condition can be dangerous; depending on the condition, it may even be deadly. If the physician is truly listening to the patient and takes the time to put all the facts of his case together, an accurate diagnosis can…

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What Is the Procalcitonin Test and Why Is it Important?

Sepsis is a serious systemic bacterial infection that can take over your whole body. The risk of significant suffering and death from sepsis is extremely high. Accordingly, it is important that a person presenting at a Kentucky hospital with symptoms of sepsis be accurately and…

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