June 2016

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How to Recover From an Accident With a Commercial Vehicle

You know one thing for certain: you were hurt in an accident with a commercial vehicle. Despite this truth, everything else may be confusing. It may be difficult to know who is liable for your injuries and who has to pay for your recovery…even when…

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Migraine Sufferers Urged to Stop Using Zecuity Patch Because of Serious Risks

If you are using a Zecuity patch to treat your migraines, then you should stop and call your doctor for another treatment now. On June 10, 2016, Teva Pharmaceuticals, the company that makes Zecuity patches, suspended sales of the medication to look into a serious…

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The Truth About Fatal Boat Accidents

No one thinks that a day on the water is going to end in death. Instead, many of us look forward to the recreational boating trips we can take each year. Yet each year hundreds of people are killed in boat accidents. The United States…

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When Emergency Room Mistakes Become Medical Malpractice

Emergency room doctors and nurses work in high-pressure and often chaotic circumstances. They must act quickly to determine the nature of an individual patient’s emergency and to provide appropriate medical care. It is easier for medical mistakes to happen in this type of environment than…

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How to Recognize the Causes and Signs of Brain Injuries at Birth

Could your newborn baby have already suffered a serious brain injury such as oxygen deprivation, a skull fracture, or an intracranial hemorrhage? Newborns may be at risk of these serious, potentially life-changing injuries. Therefore, there are some things that all parents should know. Know When…

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Newborn Infections: The Causes, the Symptoms, and the Recovery

Your baby has been delivered, but the risks of delivery are not over. If your child was exposed to bacteria or a virus during birth—or shortly after birth—then your child could be at risk of developing a serious and life-threatening infection. Types of Newborn Infections…

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