How to Recover From an Accident With a Commercial Vehicle

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Determining liability after a commercial truck accident is complicatedYou know one thing for certain: you were hurt in an accident with a commercial vehicle. Despite this truth, everything else may be confusing. It may be difficult to know who is liable for your injuries and who has to pay for your recovery…even when it is clear that the truck driver caused your injuries.

Here Are the Choices

When you are hurt in a commercial vehicle accident, you are likely hurt by a truck driver and insurance may be available to cover your commercial vehicle accident damages. However, before you can make a fair recovery from an insurance company you need to prove who is at fault for the accident.

In many commercial vehicle accidents, it could be:

  • The driver, if the driver’s negligence caused the crash. For example, a trucker who uses a cell phone while driving or who is intoxicated while driving may be liable for a crash.
  • The trucking company, if the driver was working at the time of the accident, was acting within the scope of his employment, and was an employee of the trucking company. For example, the trucking company could be liable if the company allowed or was complacent in allowing truckers to violate hours of service rules or cargo weight requirements and one of those conditions caused the crash.
  • The maintenance company, if a worker’s negligence in fixing or maintaining the truck caused the crash.
  • The manufacturer, if the truck or a truck part malfunctioned and caused the wreck.

It could also be you who is responsible for paying your own damages if you fail to prove the liability of another party.

Liability Is Complicated

Potential defendants in a truck accident case may try to point the finger at other potential defendants to avoid paying for your damages. Key issues will include whether the driver was acting within the scope of his employment or whether the driver’s actions were intentional. Accordingly, strong evidence is needed to prove what happened in the crash and to get you the fair recovery that you deserve.

Our experienced lawyers will spare no reasonable expense in the investigation of your commercial vehicle crash and we will work hard to gather evidence and present arguments that protect your legal rights and recovery. To learn more about your rights and about how we may help you, please contact us today via this website or at any time—any day of the week—by calling 888-450-4456.