September 2019

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What should I do if my child received a chemotherapy overdose?

Unfortunately, children are uniquely susceptible to chemotherapy overdoses. Their small size and changing body composition makes it difficult to calculate the correct dose of drugs intended for adult patients. Since chemotherapy drugs are powerful enough to kill healthy tissue as well as cancer cells, the…

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Failing to Perform a Timely ER Medical Screening Is an EMTALA Violation

The federal government recognizes that individuals have a right to seek care in an emergency room even if they lack health insurance or the ability to pay for treatment. When ER providers fail to perform a timely medical screening, patients can sue for damages. ER…

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Basilar Skull Fractures Caused by Car Crashes Can Lead to Lasting Impairments

Basilar skull fractures, also known as basal skull fractures or base-of-skull fractures, are not a common injury. However, this type of skull fracture can lead to significant accident-related expenses for car accident victims. If you’ve suffered a basilar skull fracture or lost a loved one…

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How can I pay for occupational therapy after a brain injury accident?

Occupational therapy is often a critical part of a person’s recovery after a brain injury. If your loved one sustained a brain injury in an accident, it is important to understand the benefits of occupational therapy and how to pay for it. Occupational Therapy Benefits…

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New Guidelines for Treating Pediatric Brain Injuries

In March 2019, the 3rd edition of the Brain Trauma Foundation Guidelines for the Management of Pediatric Severe TBI was released. These guidelines were developed by a panel of pediatric and neurosurgery experts and were based on almost 50 research studies. They update the previous…

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Why should I call an experienced chemotherapy overdose lawyer?

Chemotherapy overdoses may not occur as frequently as other types of medical negligence, but the result of receiving the incorrect dosage of a chemotherapy drug is often serious or deadly. Chemotherapy overdose cases are complicated, and you need the right lawyer who understands the medical…

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