Brain Injuries

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How Much is a Brain Injury Attorney in Kentucky?

Your life, or the life of a child, spouse, or another loved one, was changed by an accident. Whether the brain injury occurred in a motor vehicle wreck, because of medical malpractice, or for another reason, you and your family may suffer significant damages. Without…

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What is a diffuse axonal brain injury?

A diffuse axonal injury is a common type of brain injury that occurs when the brain moves back and forth forcefully against the skull. The axons, or long nerve fibers, in the brain are sheared during the acceleration and deceleration of a motor vehicle crash or…

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Can I recover punitive damages if I suffer a brain injury in a Kentucky motor vehicle crash?

Punitive damages are not typically part of a motor vehicle accident case recovery. However, in some extreme circumstances, punitive damages may be awarded. Kentucky’s Punitive Damages Law Punitive damages serve two purposes. First, they punish the defendant. Second, they prevent the defendant and others from…

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How can an attorney help me if I have a brain injury?

If someone else’s negligence caused your brain injury, you might be able to pursue a personal injury case in a Kentucky court. You have the right to file your own brain injury lawsuit and to represent yourself in court. Even if you are wary of…

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Could I have a brain injury even if I didn’t hit my head?

Yes, you can sustain a serious brain injury even if you don’t experience a direct blow to the head in a car accident, slip and fall, error during surgery, or another incident. For example, a non-impact brain injury can occur in the following situations: Oxygen…

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This isn’t my first traumatic brain injury. Can I still recover damages in a lawsuit?

Yes, you can still receive compensation for the injuries you suffered in this accident. The person who caused your current brain injury is responsible for your injury regardless of whether you ever experienced a previous traumatic brain injury. Repeat Brain Injury Cases Are Complex While you…

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