October 2020

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Can I recover punitive damages if a hospital’s delay in treatment has hurt me?

The answer to this question depends on exactly why your medical treatment was delayed. In most cases, delayed medical treatment happens because a healthcare provider was negligent. Kentucky law does not allow you to recover punitive damages just because someone else’s negligence hurts you. If…

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How to Prove Pain and Suffering Damages in a Chemotherapy Overdose Case

After a doctor’s mistake led to a chemotherapy overdose, you have experienced many losses. You have more medical bills than you otherwise would have for your cancer, you had to take more time off of work, and you likely had out-of-pocket expenses. However, your most…

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What is a diffuse axonal brain injury?

A diffuse axonal injury is a common type of brain injury that occurs when the brain moves back and forth forcefully against the skull. The axons, or long nerve fibers, in the brain are sheared during the acceleration and deceleration of a motor vehicle crash or…

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New Recommendations Released for Nursing Home Infection Prevention and Virus Containment

Infections and viruses are potentially deadly for nursing home residents. Family members and nursing home workers all want to prevent the transmission of disease and infection in nursing homes. However, the procedures for protecting nursing home residents from contagious illnesses are not always followed, and sometimes…

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How Nursing Home Staff Cell Phone Use Can Hurt Residents

Cell phones are so common that we often don’t think about them unless there is a specific danger. We know, for example, that cell phone use can cause dangerous distracted driving crashes. However, cell phones are not just dangerous on Kentucky roads. Cell phone use…

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