Chemotherapy Overdose & Radiation Injuries

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How to Prove Pain and Suffering Damages in a Chemotherapy Overdose Case

After a doctor’s mistake led to a chemotherapy overdose, you have experienced many losses. You have more medical bills than you otherwise would have for your cancer, you had to take more time off of work, and you likely had out-of-pocket expenses. However, your most…

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Importance of Patient Monitoring After Chemo Treatment

Chemotherapy may be necessary to treat your cancer, but chemotherapy also has significant risks. After you and your doctor weigh the potential benefits and risks of chemotherapy, you may decide to move forward with treatment. While all of the potential risks may not be avoidable,…

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Different Types of Cancer Radiation Treatment

Radiation is often an effective cancer treatment. In all types of radiation, the radiation interferes with the DNA inside individual cells to keep the cancer cells from growing and dividing. However, not all types of radiation are the same. Different kinds of radiation treat different…

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What Qualifications Does a Radiation Oncologist Have?

Soon after your cancer diagnosis, you may find yourself with a team of physicians who will all play a part in your treatment. You have the right to know who does what and what qualifications each doctor has to treat your condition. If radiation is…

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Strategies Used to Prevent Nuclear and Aviation Accidents May Prevent Chemotherapy and Radiation Overdoses

Tragic accidents can happen whenever human error is a possibility, and researchers are always working to prevent these kinds of accidents. Some accident prevention techniques address specific problems, but other strategies may be applicable across many different disciplines. For example, researchers at the University of…

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Outpatient Chemotherapy Risks for Kentucky Cancer Patients

It’s not always easy to park and get to the office or clinic you need at a major hospital. When you have to go regularly for chemotherapy treatments, this can be overwhelming. However, many hospitals offer chemotherapy treatment in outpatient clinics away from the hospital…

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