February 2020

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Can I sue a hospice provider for negligence in a Kentucky nursing home?

Yes, you may have a personal injury or wrongful death case against a hospice provider if their staff was negligent. Hospice provides palliative care that is designed to keep your loved one physically and emotionally comfortable at the end of her life. Hospice services may…

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Did Hospice or Nursing Home Negligence Cause Your Loved One Harm?

Your loved one has a terminal illness. As a family, you decided that it was time to start hospice services to provide him with physical and emotional care to make him more comfortable in his nursing home. You understood that hospice does not provide curative…

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Could I have a brain injury even if I didn’t hit my head?

Yes, you can sustain a serious brain injury even if you don’t experience a direct blow to the head in a car accident, slip and fall, error during surgery, or another incident. For example, a non-impact brain injury can occur in the following situations: Oxygen…

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Hospice Care in Kentucky Nursing Homes

Your loved one has been living in a nursing home, but has recently entered a new stage. Now, she needs not only nursing home services but also hospice care as the end of her life nears. Hospice services are often provided right in a nursing home and…

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Understand These Medical and Legal Terms When Facing a Brain Injury Personal Injury Claim

Your doctors, lawyers, and loved ones are using a lot of different terms when they are talking about your brain injury and personal injury lawsuit. We want you to understand what these words mean because they may impact your recovery. Brain Injury Definitions Some of…

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Pedestrian Crashes Can Cause Catastrophic Brain Injuries

75 pedestrians died and many more were injured in Kentucky during 2019. Victims of pedestrian accidents include children walking to school, runners training for their next race, workers on a lunch break, tourists taking in the sites, and anyone else who is walking or running. Cars…

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