Brain Injuries

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How Brain Injuries in a Kentucky Accident Can Change the Way You Think

A brain injury can interfere with cognition and significantly change your life. If you or a loved one suffered brain injuries in a Kentucky accident, we encourage you to learn about cognitive changes, how they impact your day-to-day activities, and what to do to protect…

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Kentucky Concussion Lawyer: Your Guide to Injuries and Recoveries

Millions of Americans are diagnosed with concussions each year. If you or your child suffers a concussion, it is essential to your physical and legal recoveries to understand more about this common type of traumatic brain injury. Here’s how a Kentucky concussion lawyer can help…

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How Brain Injuries Are Diagnosed After a Kentucky Accident

Without a quick and accurate diagnosis, a brain injury can rapidly get worse. Accordingly, doctors must run the necessary tests if a brain injury is suspected and learn how the brain injury may have happened to get a prompt diagnosis. Brain Injury Symptoms Some brain injury symptoms…

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Pedestrian Crashes Can Cause Catastrophic Brain Injuries

75 pedestrians died and many more were injured in Kentucky during 2019. Victims of pedestrian accidents include children walking to school, runners training for their next race, workers on a lunch break, tourists taking in the sites, and anyone else who is walking or running. Cars…

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How a Quantitative DTI Test Could Help You After a Concussion

It’s been a month or more since your concussion. Everyone expects you to be back to your regular routine by now. The typical MRI and CT scan ordered by your doctor appear normal. Yet, you know something is wrong. You are still struggling. Quantitative DTI…

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Traumatic Brain Injury Can Cause You to Lose Your Sense of Smell

A brain injury can impact your life in ways you never expected. For some people, a brain injury can cause a loss of smell, known as anosmia. Out of the many medical and emotional issues you have to deal with following a traumatic brain injury,…

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