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A Short Guide to Cervical, Lumbar, and Thoracic Spinal Cord Injury Symptoms

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3 Steps Your Doctor Could Have Taken to Prevent a Pikeville Brain Injury Death

Head trauma is one of the most serious injuries a person will ever face. Patients often arrive at the emergency room unconscious, leaving their fates in the hands of whichever doctors are on staff that day. Unfortunately for many head injury victims, a visit that…

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How to Help Your Child Recover From a Brain Injury Accident in Louisville

The circumstances that can lead to a child’s brain injury accident in Louisville are almost as varied as the personality of Louisville’s children. A child could suffer a brain injury, for example, during a birth injury at University Hospital or a surgery gone wrong at…

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Pros and Amateurs Alike Suffer Brain Injuries While Snowboarding and Skiing

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TBI Patients: Know the Differences Between a Right and Left Brain Injury in KY

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A Kentucky Open Head Injury Can Cause Nerve Damage, Blindness, or Infection

Related Links: Could Your Skull Fracture Cause Permanent Brain Damage in Louisville? Know Your Symptoms From the Location of Your Louisville Brain Injury You may have read about the dangers of a closed head injury after a car accident or a serious trauma. But now…

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