Brain Injuries

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What All ATV Operators, Owners, and Passengers Need to Know About the Potential for Brain Injuries

Nearly 700 people have died in ATV accidents in Kentucky since 1982. In fact, Kentucky is the fifth deadliest state for ATV riders in the nation. During that same period, many more ATV enthusiasts suffered severe injuries, including life-changing brain injuries, in crashes. How ATVs…

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How a Kentucky Brain Injury Lawsuit Works

Someone else’s negligence changed your life forever. Your, or your loved one’s, brain injury changed family relationships, healthcare needs, enjoyment of life, and the ability to earn an income. Since the accident that caused the brain injury was someone else’s fault, Kentucky law allows you or…

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Evidence to Collect in Support of a Brain Injury Lawsuit

Not all brain injury accident cases are the same, but one thing is true of all cases. Before you can recover compensation for a brain injury, you must prove that someone else is legally responsible for your injury by providing convincing evidence about who was…

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The Scary Truth About Swimming Pool Brain Injuries

Swimming pools can be a lot of fun. You may enjoy pool parties, getting some exercise, or spending time with your family and friends. However, swimming pools can also be dangerous—particularly for children. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 163 children under the age…

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Why We All Need to Understand Brain Injuries

In one instant a whole life—a whole family—can be changed. When someone else’s negligence causes a person to suffer a brain injury, he or she will never be the same. While each brain injury is unique, there are some common causes of brain injuries that…

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How to Make the Right Decisions for Your Spouse After a Brain Injury Leaves Your Spouse in a Vegetative State

You’ve lived in Jefferson County for a long time. This is your home. It is the place where you live, work, and have fun. You never imagined that things you’ve done in the past such as driving on the Gene Snyder Freeway or consenting to…

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