March 2015

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Did Your Child Have to Suffer a Brain Injury Because of Preeclampsia?

You were scared from the moment that you heard you had a preeclampsia. You quickly learned that your life and the life of your unborn child were in danger. You are grateful—every minute of every day—that you and your child survived, but you can’t help…

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Five Ways to Protect Your Legal Rights After an I-65 Truck Accident in Indiana or Kentucky

It is a route you know well. Whether you commute to work, visit relatives, or have other things to do you often cross state lines by traveling over the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge from Louisville, Kentucky to Jeffersonville, Indiana. In fewer than 2,500 feet,…

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Were You Injured in a Truck Accident on I-75 in Kentucky?

Maybe you purposefully called 511 before you set out on Interstate 75, or maybe you have the radio on often enough to hear of daily traffic accidents. Each time you hear of such a crash, you give a momentary thought to those who have been…

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How can I get the evidence I need to prove that nursing home neglect caused my father’s death from a diabetes complication?

Since the time of his diagnosis, you and your father knew about the potential risks of diabetes. You knew, for example, that diabetes could result in: Vision or hearing problems. Cardiovascular problems. Kidney complications. Dangerous infections. Nerve damage. You did everything that you could to…

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Kentucky’s First Steps Program: What Parents of Kids with Cerebral Palsy Need to Know

First Steps is an important program for infants and toddlers with cerebral palsy, developmental disabilities, and other special needs. As a parent, it is important to know what First Steps is, how your child can receive services, and why First Steps is currently making news….

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Why We All Need to Understand Brain Injuries

In one instant a whole life—a whole family—can be changed. When someone else’s negligence causes a person to suffer a brain injury, he or she will never be the same. While each brain injury is unique, there are some common causes of brain injuries that…

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