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How Driving Down I-65 in Kentucky Can Turn Deadly With Commercial Truckers in Tow

Interstate 65 (I-65) in Kentucky is a dangerous road that is becoming increasingly deadly. Most of the interstate is a two-lane highway with varying grades. The amount of interstate commercial trucking that travels I-65 has grown exponentially in the past decade, and it’s getting worse….

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The Dangers of Driving in Construction Zones Alongside Speeding Truck Drivers

Construction zones are becoming increasingly dangerous for driving conditions due to speeding semi-trucks. Almost everyone driver in Kentucky has experienced it. You see the signs of a work zone, then the lane merge signs, then the flashing work zone reduce speed limit signs. As you,…

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What to Do After a Jackknife Accident in Kentucky

Tractor-trailers have two distinct parts. At the front of the truck is the cab where the driver sits. The cab is connected to the trailer that carries the cargo. When the trailer goes in a direction that the cab does not go, the result can…

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Kentucky Truck Crashes by the Numbers

All it takes is one truck. One trucker’s negligence or one trucking company’s irresponsible policies can cause a crash that turns your life upside down You have the right to recover for your truck accident injuries, even if it was the only truck accident to happen…

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The Danger of Oversized Trucks

Safety regulations that limit the size of trucks are in place to prevent dangerous crashes. However, even with these regulations, not all trucks fit nicely on our streets. They may be too big to stay in the lanes and  make turns without imposing on other…

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Are Electronic Logging Devices Making the Roads Safer?

Before December 2017, trucking companies could allow truckers to keep track of the hours they drove and the hours they rested in paper logbooks. The paper logbooks would determine whether an individual trucker was driving more than the federal hours of service regulations allowed a…

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