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9 Mistakes to Avoid After a Kentucky Truck Accident

Mistakes that are made after a Kentucky truck accident can be costly. You naturally want to avoid doing the wrong things so you can protect your right to recover fair financial compensation for your injuries. However, the time after a truck wreck can be chaotic,…

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The Danger of Improper Truck Cargo Loading

Trucks are used to carry things that can’t be effectively moved in smaller vehicles. This includes many different kinds of goods such food, gas, and building materials. While the materials are very different, every type of cargo must be appropriately loaded and secured so that…

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Defenses You Might Expect in a Truck Crash Case

You are the one who was hurt and you are the one seeking damages in a truck crash case. Therefore, you are the one who has to prove that the trucker, the trucking company, or another party was legally responsible for your accident. The trucking…

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How to Correctly Choose the Best Truck Accident Attorney in Kentucky

You have a choice when it comes to tracking down the best truck accident attorney in Kentucky. Any lawyer who is admitted to the bar in Kentucky may represent you in court. However, not all lawyers are the same and it is important to find…

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Five Ways to Protect Your Legal Rights After an I-65 Truck Accident in Indiana or Kentucky

It is a route you know well. Whether you commute to work, visit relatives, or have other things to do you often cross state lines by traveling over the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge from Louisville, Kentucky to Jeffersonville, Indiana. In fewer than 2,500 feet,…

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Were You Injured in a Truck Accident on I-75 in Kentucky?

Maybe you purposefully called 511 before you set out on Interstate 75, or maybe you have the radio on often enough to hear of daily traffic accidents. Each time you hear of such a crash, you give a momentary thought to those who have been…

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