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Four Tips for Building a Strong Case Against a Negligent Food Truck Driver

You might enjoy grabbing a quick meal from a Louisville food truck, but you probably haven’t thought about the dangers these trucks and their drivers pose. In fact, there are multiple ways that food trucks can be involved in accidents and cause devastating injuries. Whether…

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Warning Signs the Trucking Company Isn’t Going to Treat You Fairly After a Crash

The trucking company does not want to pay you for your truck accident injuries, and neither does its insurance company. Both the trucking company and the insurance company know how to push the legal limits to try to get you to settle for as little…

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Can an Insurance Company Spy on You After a Truck Wreck?

Insurance companies can use surveillance—within certain limitations—after a truck crash. That means that someone working for the benefit of the insurance company may be watching you. Why Insurance Companies Use Surveillance Insurance companies may hire people to follow you around and record your actions if…

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Trucking Companies Should Be Held Accountable for Negligent Hiring Practices

The owners of the trucking company may not be behind the wheel of the truck that causes your crash, but they have a duty to exercise reasonable care when hiring the trucker who will be behind the wheel. If the owners fail in this duty,…

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Take Action to Protect the Evidence You Need After a Drunk Trucker Causes a Crash

You are the one who was seriously hurt or who lost a loved one because of a drunk truck driver. You are also the one who is going to have to prove what happened so that you can get the legal recovery you deserve. Essential…

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What to Do When Your Child Is Hit by a Truck

It was over in less than a minute. A truck hit your child and your whole life changed. As you sit by your child’s bedside and manage your child’s medical care—or worse, as you plan your child’s funeral—you are left with a lot of questions…

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