Can an Insurance Company Spy on You After a Truck Wreck?

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Insurance companies can use surveillance—within certain limitations—after a truck crash. That means that someone working for the benefit of the insurance company may be watching you.

Why Insurance Companies Use Surveillance

Insurance companies may hire people to follow you around and record your actions if they believe that you are not as hurt as you claim. For example, if you are claiming to have a traumatic brain injury that leaves you unable to work or go about your daily activities and the insurance company doubts your injury, then the insurance company may have someone follow you around. That person may record your arrival and departures from the office, your trips to the grocery store, or your evening at a restaurant with friends.

Limits to an Insurance Company’s Surveillance

While the insurance company may legally allow someone to take your picture or record video of you when you are in a public place, the insurance company cannot invade the privacy of your home, listen to your phone conversations, or look in your windows.

Similarly, the insurance company’s surveillance team may follow you to your doctor’s office, but it may not photograph or record you inside the office or at any other place where you have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Make Sure Your Legal Rights Are Protected After a Truck Wreck

You may have a sense that you are being watched in a public place. You may even catch someone taking your picture or recording your actions. However, you may not be able to stop this from happening, and you may not know what surveillance evidence the insurance company has against you.

Many of the potential problems that come with insurance company surveillance can be avoided if you are honest about your injuries and you follow your doctor’s orders. Do not do anything that causes you pain or goes against your doctor’s treatment plan. Also, don’t exaggerate your injuries with the hope of getting a bigger settlement.

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