January 2019

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What should I do if my loved one was killed by a drunk trucker?

Many people feel overwhelmed and angry after they learn that an intoxicated trucker caused the crash that killed their loved one. These feelings, combined with the grief that comes from losing someone you love, can make it difficult to know what to do next. Our…

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Take Action to Protect the Evidence You Need After a Drunk Trucker Causes a Crash

You are the one who was seriously hurt or who lost a loved one because of a drunk truck driver. You are also the one who is going to have to prove what happened so that you can get the legal recovery you deserve. Essential…

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Drunk Truck Drivers Endanger All Motorists

Many truckers are professionals. They have been hired to do a job and they depend on that job for their livelihood. A condition of employment is, of course, to obey the law and not drive while intoxicated. Unfortunately, commercial truck drivers do not always follow…

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Can I file a wrongful death case if my loved one died in a vehicle ejection accident?

Whether you can file a wrongful death claim will depend on the cause of the crash that led to your loved one’s ejection from the car and subsequent death. If, for example, your loved one died because he chose not to wear a seatbelt, you…

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Should I file a lawsuit if I’ve suffered hearing loss or tinnitus after using military-issued earplugs?

The short answer to your question is maybe. More information is needed in order for us to answer your questions more definitively. We encourage you to read the information on our website and to get in touch with us if you have questions. We accept…

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Why You Should Start a Journal in the Days Immediately After a Car Crash

You may feel like the details of your physical pain, financial expenses, lost opportunities, and inconveniences will be forever etched in your brain. However, while the overall feeling is one that you are unlikely ever to forget, important details can easily be lost as time…

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