Truck Wrecks

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I was hurt by hazardous materials in a truck crash. Can I sue for damages?

Sometimes it isn’t the impact of the truck crash that hurts you the most. Instead, it is exposure to dangerous materials that the truck was carrying at the time of your crash that causes your most significant injuries. Exposure to Hazardous Materials The federal government…

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Kentucky comparative negligence laws: Can I recover damages in a truck accident lawsuit if I’m partly to blame?

Yes. Kentucky comparative negligence laws allow you to recover damages in a truck accident lawsuit as long as you can prove that the plaintiff was at least partially responsible for the accident that left you hurt. However, it can’t be stressed enough that this is…

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I didn’t see the stopped truck before I crashed into it. Could the trucker be responsible for the accident?

Yes, it is possible that the trucker is legally responsible for the crash and your resulting injuries. Below, we will explain why a trucker may be liable for an accident even if the truck was stopped at the time of the crash, and what you…

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When should I get medical care after a truck accident?

You should get medical care as soon as possible after a truck accident. Often, medical attention begins at the scene of the accident. Once 911 is called, medical first responders will come to the accident scene to take care of accident victims. You should allow…

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What kinds of vehicles are considered to be commercial trucks in Kentucky?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) defines a commercial vehicle as a vehicle that is used in business or trade to transport people or goods and meets one of the following three classifications: Combination vehicle. Combination vehicles consist of a cab and a trailer…

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What pictures should I take after a truck accident?

You have your cell phone in hand, and you are ready to take pictures, but what exactly are you supposed to be capturing? Whether you are still at the accident scene, or you are taking pictures of your injuries or property damage later, here a…

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