When should I get medical care after a truck accident?

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You should get medical care as soon as possible after a truck accident. Often, medical attention begins at the scene of the accident. Once 911 is called, medical first responders will come to the accident scene to take care of accident victims. You should allow first responders to assess your injuries. After this immediate treatment, you should either go to the hospital or your own doctor for a complete evaluation and diagnosis.

Four Reasons to Get Medical Care Quickly

It is important to get immediate medical care so that:

Your pain can be treated.

You may be hurting a lot, and you may need ongoing pain management. Your doctor can help you safely manage your pain.

Any injuries can be diagnosed.

Your body is under a lot of stress right after an accident, and you might not feel pain or any symptoms of an injury. However, you may have been seriously hurt. A doctor can do a full examination and make an accurate diagnosis so that all of your injuries are identified.

An appropriate treatment plan can be developed.

Once your injuries are identified, they must be treated. Your doctor can recommend a treatment that could include medications, surgeries, physical therapy, and other treatments depending on the type and extent of the injuries you suffered.

A causal connection between the truck crash and your injuries can be made.

Before you can recover damages in a truck accident case, you must prove that the accident caused your injuries. A prompt diagnosis from a qualified medical professional can provide you with important evidence to establish causation.

For these reasons, now is the time to get medical care if you haven’t already done so. Do not worry about whether or not your injury is bad enough to need medical care. Instead, let a doctor make a diagnosis so that you don’t risk any unnecessary suffering.

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