What to Do After a Jackknife Accident in Kentucky

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Kentucky truck crash lawyer for jackknife accidentTractor-trailers have two distinct parts. At the front of the truck is the cab where the driver sits. The cab is connected to the trailer that carries the cargo. When the trailer goes in a direction that the cab does not go, the result can be a dangerous jackknife accident. And when that happens, in order to get the compensation you deserve, you’ll need to find the best possible truck crash lawyer in Kentucky to represent you.

Common Causes of a Jackknife Accident

To protect your recovery after a jackknife accident, you need to know who caused your crash and how it happened. Some common causes of jackknife crashes include:

  • Sudden braking. If the driver slams on the brakes, the truck could jackknife.
  • Changing direction too quickly. When a trucker tries to change direction quickly, the cab may go in one direction and the trailer may go another way.
  • Equipment failure. Malfunctioning brakes or other mechanical issues can cause a driver to lose control, and the truck can jackknife.
  • Slippery roads. If road conditions are dangerous, truckers should not be driving. Trucking companies, however, may pressure truckers to continue driving.

A full investigation will need to be done to determine the cause of your accident, and trying to go at it without the help of an experienced truck crash lawyer in Kentucky would not be a smart move if you want to fully protect your recovery.

How to Find the Best Truck Crash Lawyer in Kentucky

After getting into a jackknife accident, there is no doubt that you may be a little out of sorts. Once you get your wits about you, it’s important to track down the best truck crash lawyer in Kentucky to defend your rights. But, just how do you find the right attorney for you? Here are some tips:

  • Reviews. It’s extremely important to dig deep when looking for the best truck crash lawyer in Kentucky. Reviews on Google, Yelp or other websites is a very important step, so you know how the attorney has worked with past clients.
  • Interviews. After finding a handful of attorneys you feel will be able to get the job done and defend your rights to fair compensation, meet with them. Most personal injury lawyers will provide a free consultation.
  • Experience Matters. While reviews and interviews are very important to finding the right Kentucky truck crash lawyer for you, having an attorney with specialized experience in jackknife accidents is a major plus. Not all truck crashes are the same, so it’s important they have the right experience. 

How an Experienced Kentucky Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

After 911 has been called, pictures have been taken at the accident scene, and you have received emergency medical treatment for your injuries, it is time to contact an experienced truck crash lawyer in Kentucky. Your lawyer can:

  • Investigate the cause of your crash and identify the appropriate defendants
  • Gather and analyze necessary evidence
  • Negotiate with the right insurers
  • Bring your case to court if a fair settlement can’t be reached

Take Action After a Jackknife Accident

You have already suffered enough because of someone else’s negligence. Do not incur the costs of medical care, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, pain, and suffering without financial compensation.

Instead, contact our experienced truck crash lawyer in Kentucky for a free, no-obligation consultation about your rights as soon as possible. You can reach us any time—24/7/365—by phone or through this website