Four Tips for Building a Strong Case Against a Negligent Food Truck Driver

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food truck ready to drive down roadYou might enjoy grabbing a quick meal from a Louisville food truck, but you probably haven’t thought about the dangers these trucks and their drivers pose. In fact, there are multiple ways that food trucks can be involved in accidents and cause devastating injuries. Whether you’ve suffered a burn, a broken bone, an internal injury, a brain injury, or a spinal cord injury, the aftermath of a food truck wreck can be overwhelming.

Police at the scene of the crash, insurance adjusters in the days after the crash, and even friends and family may offer advice on what you should do after you are injured in a food truck accident. However, these parties may not have your best interests at heart. You need information you can trust from an experienced truck accident lawyer whose job it is to provide the best possible representation to injured truck accident victims.

Four Ways to Protect Yourself After a Food Truck Crash

After a food truck accident, you can protect yourself and your chances of winning a personal injury settlement by:

  1. Getting medical attention. This may be the most important thing you do after a food truck crash. A prompt diagnosis can prevent your injuries from worsening, allow doctors to treat your pain effectively, and allow the healing process to begin. Additionally, the records from your post-accident medical appointments will be important evidence in your legal recovery.
  2. Preserving evidence. Medical records are important in proving the extent of your injuries, but other evidence will be important in proving who caused the crash. Any pictures, videos, witness statements, or other evidence should be saved so that you can prove exactly what happened in your food truck accident.
  3. Being cautious about what you say. Anything you say to the food truck driver, the insurance company, on social media, or anyone other than your attorney can be misunderstood and used against you.
  4. Acting quickly. Kentucky has a short statute of limitations for personal injury claims. In most cases, you need to file a lawsuit in court within one year of the date of the accident to protect your right to a legal recovery.

If you decide to pursue a legal recovery, further action will be necessary.

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You may be in pain, and the process of getting a legal recovery may be overwhelming. You don’t have to do this alone, however. Instead, we encourage you to contact us directly to set up a free, no-obligation meeting with our truck accident legal team. We would be happy to review your legal rights and discuss how we may help you maximize your financial recovery. Call us, or reach out to us via this website, at any time to learn more.