February 2019

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Nursing Home Residents With Heart Conditions Have a Right to Proper Care

Many nursing home residents enter the facility with serious heart conditions. Heart failure will be the cause of death for some of these residents, and their deaths will be no fault of the nursing home. However, other residents with heart conditions may be harmed by…

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What should I do if I’ve suffered a serious bone fracture in a truck wreck?

Catastrophic collisions with semi-trucks result in a variety of serious injuries, including bone fractures. Depending on the type of truck crash and where you are sitting at the time of the crash, you risk breaking an arm or leg, or even worse, your back, neck,…

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Trucking Companies Should Be Held Accountable for Negligent Hiring Practices

The owners of the trucking company may not be behind the wheel of the truck that causes your crash, but they have a duty to exercise reasonable care when hiring the trucker who will be behind the wheel. If the owners fail in this duty,…

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How long do I have to file a birth injury claim in Kentucky?

In most situations, you have one year to file a birth injury lawsuit in Kentucky. However, there is an important exception to this general rule that may apply to your child’s birth injury case. The Kentucky Statute of Limitations for Medical Malpractice The Kentucky statute…

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The Dangerous Problem of Poor Truck Maintenance

It isn’t hard to imagine the horrific scene that can occur if a truck’s brakes or tires fail. A trucker may lose control of his vehicle and crash into other nearby motorists or pedestrians with little warning and without reducing speed. A crash that is…

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Can a car crash cause an aortic dissection?

Yes. An aortic dissection can occur during a car crash in one of two ways. Either you can suffer chest trauma by hitting your chest against the steering wheel, dashboard, or seat in front of you, or safety equipment, such as a seatbelt or airbag,…

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