What should I do if I’ve suffered a serious bone fracture in a truck wreck?

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Catastrophic collisions with semi-trucks result in a variety of serious injuries, including bone fractures. Depending on the type of truck crash and where you are sitting at the time of the crash, you risk breaking an arm or leg, or even worse, your back, neck, or pelvis. Fractures like these require immediate medical attention and will often need ongoing treatment and therapy in order to recover fully, if that is even possible

After You Get Medical Attention, Begin Protecting Your Legal Recovery

Treating a fracture can be costly. Depending on the specific bone that is broken, your other injuries, and your overall health, you may incur damages that include your past and future:

  • Medical costs. Surgeries, hospitalizations, medications, doctors’ appointments, physical therapy appointments, and assistive medical devices may be necessary—and will be expensive—after a serious fracture.
  • Lost income. Your broken bone injury may keep you from working. Whether you are unable to work at all or you are only able to work for a few hours each day while you heal, you may be able to recover for all of your lost income including wages, sick time, benefits, bonuses, raises, and income from self-employment.
  • Out-of-pocket costs. If your broken bone keeps you from driving and requires you to incur additional transportation costs, keeps you from taking care of your children or your home, or creates other out-of-the-ordinary costs, those costs may be compensable in a personal injury claim.
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering. While these non-economic costs are hard to qualify, they are a significant part of your overall recovery damages, and you have the right to financial compensation for these damages.

You can begin protecting your right to compensation immediately by contacting our Kentucky truck accident law firm at any time. Our experienced truck accident injury lawyers and our staff nurse will investigate what happened to you. If appropriate, we will gather evidence, file a lawsuit against the right parties, negotiate with the right insurance companies, and fight hard for your fair and just recovery.

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