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There may be times when it is appropriate to handle your own legal claim. A minor car crash that doesn’t result in injuries or a small contract dispute that doesn’t involve a lot of money may not require you to hire an attorney. However, the same is not true for a truck wreck injury case. If you have been hurt in a truck crash, you need Kentucky truck accident lawyers to represent you and to fight for your fair and just recovery of damages.

What Kentucky Truck Accident Lawyers May Do for You

Truck accidents are complicated. The accident scene may be chaotic and the reasons for the crash may be hard to identify. This may make determining liability and getting a fair recovery difficult. Kentucky truck accident lawyers can help you with these issues by:

  • Leveling the playing field. The trucking company and insurance company have skilled lawyers working for them to reduce their liability. You also deserve to have an experienced attorney working for you.
  • Making sure your rights are protected. It is your lawyer’s job to make sure that all of your legal rights are protected and that you are treated fairly.
  • Removing stress from your life during a difficult time. It can be overwhelming when the insurance adjuster is continually calling you for information or to offer a settlement and you don’t know what to do. An attorney can take the guesswork out of this situation and you can be confident in knowing that the right decisions are being made.
  • Getting the evidence you need. In order to prove liability and make a fair recovery, you will need the right evidence. Kentucky truck accident lawyers know what to look for and how to ask for it so that you have the information you need to make a strong claim.
  • Determining complicated liability issues. There may be multiple defendants in a truck accident case. Your lawyer can sort through what happened and bring legal action against the responsible parties so that you get the recovery you deserve.

What You Risk If You Don’t Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

It is your right to pursue a truck accident case without the assistance of an experienced truck accident lawyer. However, before you do so, it is important to know that you risk:

  • A lower settlement. You deserve to recover damages for your past and future medical costs, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses and pain and suffering. The insurance company, however, may offer you a low settlement in order to resolve your claim. Once you accept a settlement, it is legally binding and the language of the settlement will likely make it impossible for you to get additional damages for your truck accident injuries in the future.
  • A lot of frustration. As discussed above, it can be overwhelming to try to handle the legal aspects of a truck wreck on your own. You can avoid this frustration by having a truck accident lawyer handle your claim for you.

Decide for Yourself Whether a Truck Accident Lawyer Is Right for You

You do not have to hire a lawyer. You have the right to represent yourself in settlement negotiations with the insurance adjuster and in court.

Before you make a decision about whether or not to hire our Kentucky truck accident lawyers, however, we encourage you to get to know us. You can learn about us by reading our bios on this website, you can get to know more about our thinking by browsing our blog posts, and you can learn about your rights by browsing our library articles and FAQs.

However, in order to really get to know us, to understand our philosophy, and to find out how we may help you, we encourage you to contact us for a free no-obligation consultation. We would be pleased to sit down with you and to go over everything.

If after that meeting you decide that we can help you and we decide that you have a potential case, then we can represent you in your truck accident recovery claim. You don’t need to worry about paying legal fees up front. We will only be paid if your claim is successful and at that time our payment will be a previously agreed-upon percentage of your recovery.

To learn more, or to schedule your own free consultation with us, please reach out to us via this website or by phone at any time.