How to Make the Right Decisions for Your Spouse After a Brain Injury Leaves Your Spouse in a Vegetative State

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You’ve lived in Jefferson County for a long time. This is your home. It is the place where you live, work, and have fun. You never imagined that things you’ve done in the past such as driving on the Gene Snyder Freeway or consenting to surgery at Norton Hospital would put your spouse, or you, in this position.

But Now Everything Is Different

The doctors tell you that the brain injury that your spouse suffered has left your husband or your wife in a vegetative state and you have difficult decisions to make. Should you keep your spouse on life support? How will you continue to support your children? Most importantly, what can you do for your spouse now?

While everyone must come to their own conclusions about what to do, we encourage you to consider:

  • Making sure your spouse has an accurate diagnosis. Are the doctors confident in what they are telling you? Have all appropriate tests been done? Have you sought a second opinion?
  • Your spouse’s wishes. Prior to the accident did you and your spouse discuss what should be done in a situation like this? Does your spouse have a living will? Is there anyone else your spouse would’ve talked to about something like this?

This may be the most difficult decision that you ever have to make. You deserve to have all of the relevant information you need so that you can make an educated decision that is in your spouse’s best interest.

This May Include Legal Advice

The sad reality is that having a spouse in a vegetative state is not only emotionally devastating but it can also be financially crippling. You are certainly not going to make any life or death decisions based on money, but what would happen to your spouse and your family if you knew that your spouse’s past, current, and long-term medical costs would be covered? What if there was a way to make up for his or her loss of income?

There may be a way. If someone else’s negligence caused your spouse’s brain injury then you may be able to make a legal recovery. Don’t spend any more time wondering how Kentucky law applies to your spouse who is unresponsive in a Louisville hospital bed. Instead, contact us today for an initial consultation.

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