Did Your Loved One Suffer Wrongful Death or Medical Malpractice in Kentucky?

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After your loved one was taken off life support, you likely felt afraid, confused, and angry. You know that someone else was to blame for the loss of your relative’s life, but you’re not sure who. Now that your family is struggling both emotionally and financially, you don’t have time to pursue the question.

The truth is, there could be a number of people at fault for your family member’s suffering. In cases where a relative has sustained traumatic brain injury in Louisville, fallen into a coma, or been in a prolonged vegetative state, the person who caused the injury and the people who failed to treat it may be held accountable.

Consider the following reasons a loved one may be placed on life support in Louisville:

  • Car accidents – Any serious traffic crash can result in traumatic brain injury, requiring an indefinite length of time on a respirator and constant hospital care.
  • Anesthesia errors – Brain injury during surgery is often caused by anesthesia mistakes, including an over-sedation or failure to monitor a patient’s brain activity while under anesthesia.
  • Surgical mistakes – If someone you love underwent intensive brain surgery and suffered complications, your relative may be placed on life support for weeks while his brain attempts to repair itself.
  • Misdiagnosis – In some cases, failure to identify or treat a medical condition can lead to a coma or vegetative state in the future, such as failure to diagnose bacterial meningitis.

If your loved one died on life support at Jewish Hospital in KY, the attorneys at Gray and White can investigate the details of your case to determine if it was caused by medical malpractice or another’s negligence. We can help you get the payments you need for your loved one’s loss of income, and hold those responsible for the death accountable for their mistake.

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