April 2021

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Paraquat is Linked to Parkinson’s Disease: What Kentucky Agricultural Workers Need to Know About the Risk and Their Legal Rights

Paraquat dichloride was first manufactured in 1961. Since then, this herbicide has been used to control grass and weeds all over the world. However, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) restricts the use of paraquat in the United States because it appears paraquat is…

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Three Costs Your Medical Negligence Attorney Should Pursue in a Cerebral Palsy Damages Lawsuit

One of the most challenging aspects of a cerebral palsy lawsuit is anticipating future damages. Cerebral palsy is a lifelong condition. Your child is young, and the next few years may be relatively easy to anticipate. But what will happen in the long term? While…

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How Much is a Brain Injury Attorney in Kentucky?

Your life, or the life of a child, spouse, or another loved one, was changed by an accident. Whether the brain injury occurred in a motor vehicle wreck, because of medical malpractice, or for another reason, you and your family may suffer significant damages. Without…

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Is Restraining a Patient Due to Overmedication in Kentucky Nursing Homes a Form of Abuse?

While many nursing home residents need medication, medication should only be used for a medical reason and as prescribed by a doctor. Overmedication in Kentucky nursing homes is a form of abuse, plain and simple. Medication should not be used to sedate patients to make the…

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Louisville’s 5 Most Dangerous Intersections for Car Accidents in Kentucky

You face risks every time you approach an intersection. Will every vehicle at the intersection comply with the traffic signals, or will a distracted, drowsy, drunk, or otherwise negligent driver cause a dangerous crash? It’s impossible to know when an accident will occur. The risk…

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Recognizing the Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Maybe you had time to research nursing homes before you placed your loved one in their new home, or maybe you needed to make an immediate placement, and you chose the nursing home as carefully as you could under the circumstances. Either way, your loved…

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