Chemotherapy Overdose & Radiation Injuries

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Can I Recover Punitive Damages in a Kentucky Chemotherapy Overdose Case?

Some Kentucky chemotherapy overdose lawsuits may result in a punitive damage award, but other cases will not. We explain the circumstances that could lead to an award for punitive damages. Here’s Who Is Likely to Get Punitive Damages in a Kentucky Chemotherapy Overdose Case In…

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What are antitumor antibiotics?

Unlike regular antibiotics that are used to treat infections, antitumor antibiotics treat cancer. Antitumor antibiotics block cancer cell growth by interfering with each cell’s DNA. These drugs, also known as anticancer antibiotics and antineoplastic antibiotics, are made from natural substances found in soil fungus known…

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Who should evaluate your medical records to determine if you suffered a chemotherapy overdose injury?

Chemotherapy overdose cases are complicated, but they are also serious medical malpractice claims. To prove your chemotherapy overdose case and recover compensation for your injuries, you will need to prove that you were hurt by medical malpractice. Specifically, you must prove that someone owed you…

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Who is responsible for my cancer radiation treatment injury?

It depends on who made the mistake that caused your injury. You may know that your radiation treatment caused an unexpected bad outcome, but you might not know why. To find out why, you are going to need evidence such as your medical records, witness…

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What happens if a radiology machine has a calibration error?

As a patient, you are dependent not only on your oncologist but also on the manufacturers of radiation equipment to keep you safe. When radiation equipment is sold to hospitals, they are often set, or calibrated, to have a certain margin of error. That way,…

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Can an overdose of cancer radiation treatment cause heart problems?

Yes. You consented to radiation treatment for breast cancer, lung cancer, or another form of cancer because you believed the benefits outweighed the known side effects. What you didn’t account for, and what you couldn’t predict, were the heart injuries that could come from a…

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