Chemotherapy Overdose & Radiation Injuries

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How can a transcription error result in a chemotherapy overdose?

It seems that drug transcription errors should no longer be a problem in the United States. Technology should prevent the problems that used to plague the medical industry. In the past, illegible doctor’s prescriptions and copying mistakes frequently led to patients receiving the wrong dose…

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How can a doctor’s ordering mistake result in a chemotherapy overdose?

You rely on your doctor to prescribe the right amount of chemotherapy to treat your cancer. Chemotherapy medications are dangerous, and if the wrong medicine is provided to you, you receive the wrong dose of medication, or the medication is not administered the right way,…

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What should I do if my child received a chemotherapy overdose?

Unfortunately, children are uniquely susceptible to chemotherapy overdoses. Their small size and changing body composition makes it difficult to calculate the correct dose of drugs intended for adult patients. Since chemotherapy drugs are powerful enough to kill healthy tissue as well as cancer cells, the…

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Why should I call an experienced chemotherapy overdose lawyer?

Chemotherapy overdoses may not occur as frequently as other types of medical negligence, but the result of receiving the incorrect dosage of a chemotherapy drug is often serious or deadly. Chemotherapy overdose cases are complicated, and you need the right lawyer who understands the medical…

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