How can a doctor’s ordering mistake result in a chemotherapy overdose?

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nurse adjusting dosage on an IVYou rely on your doctor to prescribe the right amount of chemotherapy to treat your cancer. Chemotherapy medications are dangerous, and if the wrong medicine is provided to you, you receive the wrong dose of medication, or the medication is not administered the right way, you may suffer serious or fatal chemotherapy-related injuries.

Mistakes Doctors Can Make With Chemo Prescriptions

When ordering chemotherapy for a patient, a doctor may make a mistake, such as ordering:

  • The wrong medication. There are many different types of chemotherapy drugs that treat different types of cancer. If you receive the wrong kind of chemotherapy, your cancer may go untreated, and you may suffer from an unnecessary overdose of another chemo drug.
  • The wrong dose. Too much of a chemotherapy drug that you need can be harmful or even fatal. Not enough of the medication could fail to treat your cancer.
  • The wrong administration. Chemotherapy drugs are intended to be delivered in very specific ways. A medication that is given the wrong way can harm a patient.

Additionally, even the right dose of chemotherapy can lead to unnecessary complications if a doctor fails to account for how the chemo will interact with a patient’s other medications or whether the patient may be allergic to the prescribed chemotherapy.

Sometimes the doctor orders the wrong drug, the wrong dose, or the wrong administration method. Other times, however, the doctor’s orders are vague or misinterpreted, resulting in harm to the patient. Either way, the patient ends up injured.

Get a Fair Recovery for Your Doctor’s Mistake

If a doctor’s error caused you to suffer a chemotherapy overdose and you suffered physical harm as a result, you deserve to make a fair recovery. Your injury never should have happened and would not have occurred but for the doctor’s negligence in ordering chemotherapy.

Our chemotherapy overdose lawyers are here to help you through this difficult time. Call us or fill out our online contact form today to schedule your free and confidential legal consultation.

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