Fatal Methotrexate Mistakes

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What if you suffered a chemotherapy overdose when you were cancer-free and you had never even been prescribed chemotherapy medication? The results could be deadly, and the death could be completely avoidable.

Cancer-Free Woman Dies From Chemo Overdose

Kentucky Medication ErrorsIn 2018, a 75-year-old Utah woman, who did not have cancer, died a painful death from a chemotherapy overdose. The woman, Gloria Dunn, had a prescription for metolazone, a diuretic medication. However, the pharmacy filled her prescription for methotrexate, a dangerous chemotherapy medication, instead of metolazone. The staff at Gloria’s assisted living facility then gave her the methotrexate.

It took over a week for doctors to realize the mistake. By that time, Gloria had sores in her mouth that kept her from talking and telling her six children that she was suffering. When the doctors discovered what happened, it was too late to save her, and she passed away in August 2018.

Gloria’s death is tragic, and she is not alone. According to a news release about Gloria’s wrongful death case, “There have been more than 100 published incidents, including 25 deaths, where methotrexate was mistakenly administered to patients relying on the supposed care and supervision of healthcare professionals.”

Methotrexate Overdose Injury Recoveries

If you are hurt or your loved one is killed by a chemotherapy overdose, it is important to contact an experienced attorney who knows how to investigate these cases and fight to protect your rights. The pharmacy, hospital, doctors, assisted living facility, and insurance companies involved in your claim will fight hard to prevent your recovery, and you deserve dedicated counsel who will fight for justice on your behalf.

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