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How Lack of Staff Training Causes Emergency Room Delays

Emergency room staff members triage patients and quickly provide critical medical care to prevent unnecessary injuries and deaths. Emergency room doctors, nurses, and other workers should have the necessary education to do their jobs, but that might not be enough to keep patients safe. Each…

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Emergency Room Delays in Meningitis Diagnosis or Treatment

Meningitis is an infection of the membrane around the brain and spinal cord, and it is often a medical emergency. Without quick antibiotic treatment, bacterial meningitis may cause permanent brain damage or death. Unfortunately, sometimes emergency room doctors take too long to diagnose meningitis and patients…

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What Happens When an Emergency Room Delays Traumatic Brain Injury Care

Each year, millions of Americans seek emergency room care for brain injuries, but are they getting the medical care they need? For many people who suffer brain injuries in motor vehicle collisions, falls, and other types of accidents, the emergency room is the first place…

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Urgent Care Delay-in-Treatment Injuries and Recoveries

There are more than 40 urgent care centers throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Urgent care centers are meant to fill a critical medical need. Urgent care clinics provide necessary medical care that can’t wait until you can get an appointment with your doctor. Often, people…

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What to do If Your Loved One Died Because of an Emergency Room Delay in Treating an Allergic Reaction

Anaphylactic allergic reactions do not have to be deadly. According to Dr. Scott Sicherer, author of Food Allergies: A Complete Guide for Eating When Your Life Depends on it, “The people who die from anaphylaxis are those who had a delay in treatment.” Recognize the Signs of…

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When an ER Doctor Should Recommend a Specialist

If you enter the hospital through the emergency room, the first doctor you will likely see is an emergency room doctor.  It’s important to know what to expect from an ER doctor, when further medical care may be necessary, and what to do if an…

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