How can I prove a UPS driver was at fault for an accident?

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One of the most important things that will determine whether you could be compensated for an accident is proving driver liability. Although UPS is a large corporation that is heavily insured against road accidents, they will often attempt to deny responsibility after a crash or place the blame on other drivers in order to avoid paying for your injury and rehabilitation costs.

Strong Evidence Is a Key Factor in Your UPS Crash Case

Here are a few ways you can gather evidence to help prove the UPS driver was liable for an accident:

  • Police reports – If you are involved in an accident, you should always call 911 and report the crash to the police. The officer will have to complete an accident report on the facts of the case, which will be beneficial to you in both an insurance claim and a lawsuit against the driver.
  • On-board computers – Just like commercial semi-trucks, UPS delivery trucks are equipped with on-board computers that track the truck’s location and speed during its journey. Access to these records can prove a driver was speeding or even taking an alternate route that was not planned.
  • Cameras – UPS trucks are equipped with driver cameras that record what the driver is doing at the time of the crash—such as texting, talking on the phone, or falling asleep behind the wheel. Exterior cameras can prove that the truck was in the wrong lane or braked suddenly in the moments before an accident.
  • Witnesses – It is vital that you collect the names and contact information of anyone who saw what happened. Witnesses can verify your account of the events or even note something you did not see, such as the delivery driver running a red light.

If you were unconscious or taken to a hospital after the accident, you can contact the police officer who responded to the crash and ask for a copy of the police report and any witness information he may have collected. However, obtaining the trucking company’s records will not be easy, as they are unlikely to release any information to victims that could be used against them. If you are having trouble collecting the facts of your case, we encourage you to contact our Louisville vehicle accident lawyers directly. We may be able to speed up your discovery process.

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