Louisville Residents: Are You at Risk of a Fatal UPS Truck Accident?

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We commonly see all kinds of delivery trucks on the road in northern Kentucky. But while FedEx vans, postal trucks, and courier services are all a daily occurrence on both highways and city streets, you’re much more likely to see UPS trucks on the roads—meaning you may be more at risk of suffering a serious UPS truck crash.

Take the case of a fatal Louisville UPS truck accident that took place last year. Nineteen-year-old Brandon Mudd was driving a Chevy Impala east on West Kenton Street near Churchill Downs on December 2, 2013. According to police, a UPS truck traveling down South Third Street struck the Impala on its side in the intersection of the two roads.

Mudd was in a coma after the accident and died two weeks later. His passenger, 19-year-old Kendall Daub, sustained critical injuries in the accident and was declared dead at the scene. Police reported that neither victim had been wearing seat belts at the time of the crash. The UPS driver was also injured, but was successfully treated for non-critical injuries.

Why are these kinds of accidents more common for Kentuckians? Louisville is the home of the worldwide air hub for UPS, meaning more trucks are traveling to and from the airport every day. If your daily commute takes you past this major shipping corridor, chances are you’re traveling alongside a UPS driver struggling to meet a tight deadline.

Our attorneys and staff are deeply saddened by the loss of these young lives, and urge all drivers to stay as safe as possible on the roads. Keep your family safe from truck accidents by reading our related links and by sharing our articles with your friends on Facebook.