If the pharmacy failed to provide a dispensement method and I overdosed on the medication, can I hold them liable for a medication error in Louisville, Kentucky?

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If a pharmacy failed to provide a dispensement method for your medication and you overdosed, you most likely can hold the pharmacy liable for a medication error. It is best to reach out to a Louisville medication error attorney who can asses your case to determine if you have a claim worth pursuing. 

There are many ways to dispense and administer medications, such as orally, rectally, topically, or through an injection. All drugs have a certain way that they should be taken in addition to how much should be given. For example, some pills you may swallow whole while others you may have to chew. In addition, some medications may be the same drug but contain different levels of milligrams, which is why it is important that your doctor labels the exact measurements of a drug that you are supposed to take. 

Prescription drugs open themselves up to a variety of medical errors due to lack of information about the patient or drug, as well as problems with interpreting doctors’ prescriptions and dosage amounts. It is important for patients to be well-informed about their medications and for doctors to ensure that their patients are administering them properly. Pharmacists should also make sure you understand the method of taking your medication before you start administering it yourself. 

Don’t be afraid to conduct a little of your own research about the drugs prescribed so you clearly understand harmful side effects. Don’t hesitate to ask questions concerning taking your medication before leaving the doctor’s office or pharmacy. 

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