My son suffered a temporal lobe injury while on a school trip. The doctor told us his brain damage could be permanent. What kinds of changes could that cause?

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Every brain injury case is different, and each will come with its own set of particular symptoms. The extent of the damage will greatly affect a victim’s recovery. For example, some mild traumatic brain injuries cause sensory issues, but no noticeable cognitive problems. If the brain was allowed to swell under the skull, however, a temporal lobe injury could cause mental impairment if any brain cells were lost after the trauma.


A temporal lobe injury in Kentucky could cause any or all of the following symptoms:


  • Memory issues, such as the inability to names, dates, or regularly-accessed facts
  • Sequencing problems, such as interrupted organization skills or an inability to arrange information in the proper order
  • Language difficulties, including problems speaking or understanding verbal communication
  • Hearing problems, such as impaired hearing or constant ringing in the ears
  • Behavior changes, such as sudden mood swings, impulsive decisions or personality reversal


The best thing you can do for your child is be as patient as possible during his recovery. Victims are often scared and frustrated as they cope with their injuries, so they will need time and understanding as they learn how to live.


If you wish to take action against the person responsible for your child’s brain injury, our Louisville brain injury lawyers can explain your legal options at no cost to you. We can discuss your rights to compensation for your medical bills and future loss of income, as well as funds to make adjustments to your home if your child requires special living conditions.


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