Who can be held liable for nursing home abuse?

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A Kentucky nursing home employs numerous people at every level to ensure your loved ones are taken care of while in the nursing home’s care. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse does happen due to the malicious behavior of some caretakers, resulting in the need to contact a Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer.

The Kentucky nursing home you choose to place your loved ones at should take care to screen their employees for potential issues such as: 

  • record of prior termination;
  • criminal records;
  • violent history;
  • improper training; or
  • any other misconduct. 

Once hired, all Kentucky nursing home staff should be trained for their role in interacting with patients and providing for their care and comfort. Even those who do not come in direct contact with the patients such as janitors, cooks, or administrative staff should be aware of how their actions impact the health of their residents.

A Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer can help investigate staff records to determine if the abusive staff had a history of incidents or past records of negligent or abusive behavior. These circumstances, along with other proof of negligence or abuse, may allow you to hold the Kentucky nursing home liable for the injuries and abuse your loved one suffered due to the misconduct of their employees.

Not only can the employee of the Kentucky nursing home be held liable for direct abuse, but also the administration that allowed their hire and employ. Negligence in screening employees is a case against the Kentucky nursing home that a Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer can help you file.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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